Child Abuse and Neglect

The Family Courts have run amuck with the rampant abuses and civil rights violations all in the name of making a profit for the state. For all of those out there who are fighting DHS and need help, here are some links to information that might be of help to you. Nothing is guaranteed in this life and so , neither are thee files. You read them and use them at your own risk. However, several of these are government documents anyway so, those should be reliable. Child Maltreatment Assesment Protocol Legal Review of Child Abue and Neglect Definitions of Child Abuse ad Neglect Child Abuse and Neglect USer Manual Juvinile Benchbook Immunity and When it Doesn’t Apply How to keep Document and Records off the Record Dirty Tricks DHS Uses Arkansas Health and Safety Factors Adoption Incentives Facts About CPS DHS Ethical Standards


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