Conspiracy Theory?

I read today about a guy who was about to blow the lid off of some government corruption. Wish I’d paid more attention to that article now. Anyway, he died in a car accident where, apparently he hit a tree head on at a high enough speed to crush the front of his car and kill him.

Shortly after that, I read about the CIA and their abilities to remotely control any car on the highway and any equipment in a hospital. Sounds eerily suspicious, does it not? I don’t know if it’s true or not but, I think it is certainly possible. Everything is run by a computer these days and computers are subject to being hacked, especially by the government. They, the CIA, could use these methods to assassinate someone they deem a “danger”. Of course, everyone thought I was crazy 15-20 years ago when I told people that the government could use vaccines to get rid of those they don’t want or to use them to make all of us complacent and easy to control. Seems like I wasn’t too crazy after all.

To top all of this off, I read today that an official at the CIA actually confessed that the agency uses meta data to decide who needs to die. Think about that for a minute. You decide to fight against an injustice in this world and the CIA doesn’t appreciate your honesty and persistence. They decide you need to be gone. Next thing you know, you lose control of your car and it is headed over the bridge into the river. Well, at least your wife can collect on your life insurance. right?


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