Sad, but True!

I am dedicating this part of my blog to all of those government officials who just plain can’t get it right! Today, that is the Sebastian County DHS and the Sebastian County judges or, at least, one of them who shall remain nameless, at this time.

These people love to make it their goal in life to take children away from parents for little to no reason at all. All the while, acting like they are gods that should be obeyed regardless of how little sense what they are doing makes. I recently purchased a t-shirt in honor of their stupidity. It says, “You are right. Let’s do it the dumbest way possible because it is easier for you.”

A subsection of this part of the blog will be called the “Wall of Shame” where I will post those in office or in positions of authority who are doing stupid and senseless things that are ruining the lives of innocent families needlessly.

Stay tuned – more to come.


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