Record Keeping

I was asked a question today about record keeping and what is needed or necessary. This will probably vary depending on where you live. Not much is required where I live, at this time. However, I think it is just prudent to keep good records so you know what is going on and so, if asked to prove something, you have the needed paperwork to support it.

When I home schooled back in the 1970’s, I found some student folders at a school supply. The folders had a space on the folders for classes and grades from first grade through high school. The other side of the folder was used to keep track of attendance for all these years. Inside the folder you could put things like special awards, important term papers, school transfer records (if they come from another school), achievement tests or whatever might be important for you to keep.

You could do this yourself as well, if you can’t find it at a school supply store or online. I may switch back to it later if what I currently use proves to be too costly. Which brings me to this. At the current time, I use Apple Core for my records keeping. I enter everything online and when I want something such as a report card or a transcript, I simply print it out. It also keeps track of things like attendance or activities like sports or school committees and so on.

Record keeping is a necessary thing (to me) but it need not be difficult. It is simply a matter if finding out what works well for you and staying organized.


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