Make it Easy on Yourself

It had been a while since I home schooled so, when I started this year, I was used to the old ways of doing things. Trying to teach three kids all at once when they are all on different science courses, different math courses and so on has proven to be challenging. I ran across something that I am trying in a few weeks now. It is not a brand new thing but it has been introduced within the last ten years, I believe. It is a program where you teach the same thing to all your children, just at different levels for each. That way, instead of “home” school it becomes “family” school as the family all works together on the same things. You do this for about four years and then start over.

A child who starts in first grade will learn only the basics the first four years. When they start over, they will go more into some depth. In high school, they will be expected to do some reports, papers and term papers or projects.

All the basics are covered in the studies such as history, language, art, music and science. There will be a lot of reading as well. The only thing not really a part of this type of learning is math.

We are going to give this a try in a couple weeks and I will still add some interesting classes and electives along with the main core curriculum, things like a course in homesteading, animal science or botany. The only thing you add are books from the library. I found that many of the ones listed were not in our library however, there were some books very similar that would work.There are some interesting programs out there like this. The one I am trying is called Layers of Learning. If you are interested in checking it out, go to their website and you can get the first unit of the first year absolutely free to check it out.

Their website is


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