No One Told Me There Would be Days Like This!

Today was a good day and a bad day all in one. Tried to make a super meal for my wife after working so hard all week. Plan was home made bread, peach cobbler, broccoli with cheese, twice baked loaded potatoes and iron steaks. Yes, we splurged and bought a few cheap strip steaks (first time in two years or so). Cobbler was made first. Next, the potatoes went into the oven, came out and they were made and bowled to warm up shortly. Now, the bread is in the over and the broccoli is ready to steam.

I reached for the salt, because I like to steam my veggies with salt water. As I pull the salt out out of the cupboard, I must have pulled it out at an angle because it caught the big bottle of hot sauce and sent it crashing down on top of the cobbler. The baking dish shattered and shot glass shards all across the kitchen getting glass in my potatoes and broccoli.

So, tonight, we had pizza for dinner. What did you eat? Am I the only one who has problems like this?


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