School Breaks

This year, we started a different schedule. We are now going to school year round, which simply means we take more breaks that are longer and don’t stop attending class for the summer. My idea was that we would, first of all, be able to take off times for holidays that were important for us and, secondly, be able to take off longer breaks so we could actually do something during those breaks.

We recently got off our first long break which took place to coincide with everyone else’s Christmas break. This year, it so happened that Hanukkah started on Christmas day. We tarted our break around the middle of December and continued through the 9th of January, so about three weeks.

I knew that kids going back to school after summer break always had a sluggish start and that they had a hard time remembering what they learned the year before. What I didn’t expect was that three weeks would have the same effect on them as the entire summer break. So, now I find myself contemplating the wisdom of the whole “school year round” agenda. I think I will either have to plan some lengthy field trips during break or go with a shorter break.

What have you guys found that works for you? Please share it with us.


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