Chicken Pot Pie

When I was young and growing up, one of the things I liked was the chicken pot pie. The ones I had were from the grocery store, frozen and not the gourmet type. They didn’t have gourmet chicken pot pie back then. I loved them. Then, several years ago, Cheddars came to town and I ate one of their Chicken Pot Pies. Oh, my. It was soooo much better than the frozen ones and tasted so delicious. I got to thinking, since I can’t afford to pay $9 every time I want a pot pie, maybe I can do this at home. So, I tried it out on the family and they absolutely loved it and raved all night. Now, the only problem is keeping the family from eating them as fast as I can make them so I have one or two to freeze for later. Kind of a good problem though.


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