Chicken Cordon Bleau Sandwich

One of my two favorite chicken dishes since I was a teen have to be Chicken Kiev and Chicken Cordon Bleau. In this dish, I made a chicken cordon bleau sandwich. Taking the half chicken breast, I cut it in half and then butterflied each half. I then, fried it in the iron skillet open and pressed down on the inside and then folded it back together and fried the outsides. When it cooled, I opened it back up and placed Swiss cheese in the middle. I closed it back up and wrapped it with a slice of tavern ham, dredged it in flour, dipped it in egg and then coated it with panko. After about 2″ of oil in the iron skillet got up to heat (about 350 degrees) I placed them in the hot oil to fry turning once so both sides cooked and the chicken finished off. Served on a bun with fresh lettuce and tomato, goes even better with some aoli made with some garlic and lemon juice.



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