Wood Working Site

One of the skills needed, or at least very useful, when homesteading is the skill of working with wood. Doesn’t matter if it is just a simple building you need for the goats or a hutch for the rabbits or, maybe you need to make a new rocking chair for your wife. Wood working is very useful and, can be very profitable.

I have started a website aimed towards those interested in wood working so we can find everything we need at one location without having to go all over the internet searching. Granted, it’s not an exhaustive listing but, it is a decent list. More will be added in the future including a page on just where to find certain tools as well as another page with free hints and tips when working with wood.

Check it out and see what you think. I’d love to hear your comments and any suggestions for other sites to add there as well. http://woodworkinghelps.yolasite.com



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