Pho. Three little letters that I see more and more on the side of converted gas stations, inside strip malls and on the side of the road in food trucks.I had no idea what it was much less how to say it. Pho, pronounced Fu, is an Asian soup. Saying that just doesn’t describe it adequately though. There are lots of variations on Pho.

The first time I bought some, it smelled SOOOOOO good. It tasted even more amazing and quickly became my favorite food. So full of flavor, so complex yet so healthy. OMG, I couldn’t resist buying some everyday for some time.

For some time since then, I have learned to make it at home. Still so good and so healthy. Of course, I don’t make the broth from scratch. That is so time consuming and requires so many ingredients. I found, instead, a jar of beef soup base that has all the ingredients in it like the star anise the cloves and so on. This is just one version of Pho that I make at home. Try making some for yourself. You will love it.dscn2457


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