I first started home schooling back in the mid to late ’70s. Then, my kids all graduated, got married and left home. I married again and have more kids now and, this year, started home schooling again. My goodness how things have changed!

When I first started, there weren’t any support groups, much less home school associations. I was excited! A home school association? Count me in. Then, I learned that our city was big enough that there were actually about 3 home school associations in our area. Wow! Co-ops? What a great idea. Field trips with other home schoolers? I’m there.

So much change in so short a time.  Even curriculum has changed. It was easy before. One choice and that was it. It was all printed in book form and that was all that was available. Even a few years later, there were other makers of curriculum but they were all the same type – printed in book form. And the cost! My it was expensive. Many times, it still is. I figured about $350 per student per year.

I studied for a while and found this one site that was amazing. Over 300 courses available from grades k-12. Many of these courses were online or could be printed. About half of them were supported by online videos. Joining was a no brainer because it was only like $12.95 a month. I got a discount by paying for the year in advance. Now get this, had I joined HSLDA (Home School Legal Defense Association) first, I would have received a discount on the curriculum fee of about 40%. Even without that, though, I got a free membership to Applecore. Applecore is a system by where you can keep track of attendance and grades plus print out report cards and tanscripts.

I’ve used this curriculum now for an entire trimester (12 weeks) and absolutely love it. You do have to be attentive on the courses. Some are not complete yet and are being completed, but sometimes they are slow to finish. Others are on their way out and will only last a few more weeks. All in all though, they have a great selection, the selection is growing and it is very easy to use. Whether you want to use and entire curriculum or just a course or two, you won’t go wrong here. I plan on using it for some time. In fact, the only thing that would stop me from using this curriculum would be the loss of internet access.

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