Country Burger

Is there anything quite so satisfying as a big, juicy burger? Most of the time I try to eat healthy low fat meals and watch my portions. Sometimes though, you just have to splurge, let go and enjoy a nice big juicy burger with bacon and maybe even cheese on it.

I don’t just use plain ole beef. Sometimes, I use ground chuck, other times I use ground beef with a bit more fat in it. I ALWAYS season my meat though. I season it with some good concentrated beef flavor (beef broth base), seasoned salt, pepper, garlic powder, minced onion and occasionally some steak sauce or soy sauce.

The secret here is to wrap the burger with bacon strips. I usually use four strips of bacon and do a type of basket weave. Then, I fry the burger. I like mine a little bit pink (medium). Others like theirs well done. NEVER, however, press the burger with the spatula to squeeze out the juices. That will make it so dry. Use your finger to push in to test doneness. That will let the burger remain nice and juicy. Try one this week. You won’t regret it.country_burger


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